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After several years of actively seeking a life partner, I made a conscious decision to embark on a different journey. Instead of fixating on finding “the one,” I chose to invest in my personal growth. My focus shifted from what I could gain from a relationship to becoming the person I aspired to be within one. Through this experience, I dedicated myself to being the best version of myself – not only as an individual but also as a friend and partner. The shift in perspective has not only enhanced my personal development but has also significantly influenced the quality of my connections.


I’ve only navigated this journey for a mere two months. Each day is a lesson, and I’m committed to taking it one step at a time. I adamantly refuse to let this define or confine me. I won’t throw caution to the wind, but I’ll embrace adventure. It’s already distinguished those seeking sincerity from those after mere physical connections. I’m confident I’ll discover genuine love, the love I genuinely deserve.

I am not merely an STD. I’m a force of humor, strength, beauty, and sass. I’m someone worth getting to know, someone worth taking a chance on—worth it all. The right person may or may not share my experience, but the right person will see beyond any label.

Looking for someone special that I can enjoy all the simple pleasures of life with. A man I can feel totally secure and safe in their presence. A man that is as passionate as I am. Someone that is not afraid of expressing their feelings. Must be honest, loyal, kindhearted and love the ocean! Let’s face it we are all looking for that special LOVE that is breathtaking and can rock our world.

I know my good points as well as the bad. We all struggle to find that middle ground. I surf, golf, skateboard, snowboard, swim laps, bike, hike, Badminton, tennis, volleyball, ping pong, camp, … and will most likely be interested in what you do. I would like to find that partner in crime best friend. I like to learn. I like to travel. I do ask for directions…

The only head games I’m interested in besides hearing your thoughts is the games in the bedroom. I am a confident and hard-working woman. I will never steal from u or lie to u. I dislike lies and not being considerate of other people’s feelings. Please..don’t come at me as the world revolves around u. It doesn’t. Stop controlling everything…

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